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New Oasis and the Season of Harvest

Cold winds are blowing, step by step bringing the icy winter closer to the settlement dubbed "New Oasis" by Team Louvre. The New Oasis is a plot of land that has bared fruit for the first time in years, thanks to technology, but the sudden shift in the forests and fields seems to have awakened something ancient in the dark corners of nature, and it is feral, hungry for blood. 

Still, the small settlement brings safety to those inside the city walls. Food, both for body and soul, entertainment from all corners of the survived world, and a chance to find allies for the coming winter. No matter how great this all sounds, there are thieves, assassins, scam artists, and the forest houses an unknown threat.

But life is about much more than just survival and hunting super mutants, like having fun! Dance, drink, punch your enemy and kick them while they're down, and sing! Write a song about your adventures so that your legacy and story, or infamy, reach all corners of the world.  Or find someone to sell you a electric wire that you need to complete your new invention. It is up to you how you want to spend the few days of relative calm, as the storm is rising...

In short:

The New Oasis is a temporary settlement made by Team Louvre to facilitate trade and negotiations, as many travelers are going back to their villages and tribes to spend the winter with. There are merchants, factions you can join or combine forces with, and a forest full of secrets to uncover.

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