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Unfortunately the site is not wheelchair accessible as it is in the middle of a forest and only has nature trails instead of roads. While the town area is quite flat, heavy rain will turn it muddy. It is difficult ground and the site also has areas consisting of bog.

The larp is set in a post-apocalyptic world, so it will deal with past wars and fight for survival, and while you may encounter violence, you do not have to engage with it. There are places that are neutral and welcoming, but no place is fully safe from conflict.

The site will have a quiet space where players have the possibility to calm down or get off-game help. This is also the place where you can find our support people, who will help in cases of harassment, and settle off-game disputes. Anti-harassment personnel are equipped to deal with bigger and smaller cases of harassment and the event does not tolerate any type of harassment, discrimination, or abuse based on out of game characteristics, including (but not limited to) sexuality, race, disability, gender, etc.

The larp includes flashing lights, loud music and sounds as part of the party last night and may include loud sounds during the game. Physical touch with other players is not required, but you can calibrate the contact with your fellow players if needed.

If you have any questions about accessibility of this larp, please ask. We are committed to making this larp as accessible as possible! If you have suggestions on the subject, we are more than happy to hear them. While the site is not the best in terms of accessibility, we are committed to making it work for many.

Safer Space Policy

You are allowed to be yourself! This is why we strive for a safer space. While we give people the chance to roleplay their hearts out, make larger than life scenes, and play with life and death, we expect everyone to respect the safety and self-determination of others.

Everyone is equally responsible in making the game as safe as possible for everyone. The policy is not fixed as there are shades of grey, but we hope everyone does their part in making sure everyone is equally included in the game and not discriminated due to factors unrelated to the game.

We intervene in discrimination, harassment, and inappropriate treatment of others. We do not tolerate for example racism, ableism, discrimination against gender or sexuality or, in general, inappropriate and bad behaviour.

We promise to support you. We will always appoint contact persons at our events. You can report harassment, discrimination or other inappropriate treatment to the contact persons. You can give feedback to us also afterwards and anonymously.

If you feel uncomfortable at the event or have any questions, please contact Emilia "Max" Aalto, or Melina Cunelius.

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