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Factions! They make the city during the season, and often fight between each other for the control of the area.  Have a clear idea of what you are, of what binds you together and what you strive for. 

You can sign up your own faction if you have at least 5 people coming to the game and one is named as a faction coordinator, who will be the link between the faction and GMs. ​After signing up, be ready to give quests to other players and be actively involved in the game. 

As a faction you should be ready to build a camp inside the city, or if you really want to, make your own settlement outside the walls and inside the woods. Outside the city you are required to wear airsoft goggles for the whole time though.

You can sign up here: 

Known factions in the area

Team Louvre: Technology, Mysticism, Politics

Egyptian Gods reborn to a post-apocalyptic wasteland to build a better world.

Children of Ashes: Tribal, Mysticism, Survival

A Northern tribe of people with animal traits, who welcome travelers to join them for a cup of tea and a vision from the Beyond,


This is a player driven game, as all players write their own characters. However, the storytelling team helps to draw plotlines and connections between characters, and giving them plot hooks. 

If you are a part of a faction, you can sign up after the faction sign up is accepted and added to the list of factions.

If you are not a part of a faction, you can sign up right away after 1.4.2023.

If you sign up on your own, please let us know if you have your own tent to sleep in or possibly wish to sleep in a group tent (we are looking into having a big tent for sleeping for those who are not part of any faction).

Characters can be mutant (common in Finland), human (uncommon), cyborg (rare), or android (very rare and legendary). All characters start with 2 skills related to their background.

Humans are regular people, often riddled with scars and wearing a worn-out clothes they have gathered (or stolen). While they are often seen as the norm, humans are not as common as they once were. They are generally affected by all drugs and require stimpak to heal.

Mutants are the most common type living in Finland. While there are mindless mutants, most have a normal level of intelligence and social skills similar to other Finns around them. Often mutants differ from humans most significantly due to physical abnormalities and deviations, like horns, hardened skin, elongated limbs, animal characteristics, etc. and giving them a special trait, but often are also addicted to blue powder and require super stimpaks to heal.

Cyborgs are humans with mechanical parts. While mechanical parts, such as artificial heart valves or microchips, used to be common, the technology that survived does not allow such fine-tuned parts, so many in need use what they can scavenge. Prosthetics, like legs, fingers, eyes, are worth more than gold to those in need, but a good mechanic is hard to find. The mechanical part often gives a small boost to the one with it, but cyborgs, like mutants, require super stimpaks to heal and if the mechanical part is somehow destroyed or just takes a stray bullet, you better be prepared to fix it yourself or have a years worth of bullets to trade for a fix.

Androids are more myth than reality, legendary tales of robots that look and act just like humans, but need electricity to function. 

If you wish to play an android, please talk to the GMs first. Otherwise you are free to play any of these, as long as you can prop it. Mutants must be recognisable as mutants and cyborgs as cyborgs.

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