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Game Masters:

Toni Korlee

Mikko Kari

Story and Writing:

Melina Cunelius

Olli Nupponen

Props and handyman leads:

Mikko Asunta

Nina Kalugin

Social Media:

Sammal Korlee

Accessibility and anti-harassment:

Melina Cunelius

Emmi "Max" Aalto

Need to contact us or looking for more info?


Are you a merchant?

Would you like to come sell stuff at the event? Contact us:

Traders and merchants:

Toni Korlee

Catering and food stalls:

Mikko Kari

Are you interested in being a NPC?

We need you! We need help behind the scenes, building the village and cleaning the game site, and people ready to scream and howl in the night in order to scare the players. Ask Mikko Kari for more info!

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