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Some simple and useful info:

  • You can drink tap water! 

  • Closest train station will be Hyvinkää, where we can organise pick ups from if need be. You can get from the closest airport (Helsinki-Vantaa) with one change to the Hyvinkää station. Good stations to change from are Tikkurila and Pasila.

  • Everything is expensive. We use euros. Most places take card, even the cafe in-game.

  • People speak English well and will default to it, even if you think you can speak Finnish.

  • While bears and wolves are not common this South, you should keep your eyes open in case of vipers and ticks. 

  • You can buy alcohol between 9-21 o'clock. You can find beer and other mild alcohols in grocery store, anything stronger than 5,5%, anything stronger you can only find in Alko. 

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