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What is the world like? What is happening in the game? What factions are there? Who am I?

There are many questions and here are some answers.


A wasteland. A desolate world left behind by the bombs. In front of you there is a long forgotten road and behind the carnage you sow. Which way do you go?

The Season of The Harvest

Summer is coming to it's end and the bounty has been plentiful. Winter is coming and the winds are colder than before. You just have to make sure you will survive another long dark so you can find your way back to the Home and share a pint with the other residents of Oldtown.


Both warriors and traders meet with the priests and witches at the settlement, trading supplies and information, but the slimy fingers of thieves are never far away from your pocket.

Cults, clans, and tribes gather here, and as you have better chances of surviving with someone covering your back, many want to find shelter in a faction.

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