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Factions have their own area in the game where they can build their own buildings for the duration of the game (or more permanent fixtures at the discretion of the GMs).

Players can sleep in their faction's area or in off-game area reserved for tents. There may be a communal tent provided by the GMs for sharing.

There will be baja majas, There is no running water or electricity. 


There will be a grill selling burgers that you can buy with food tickets and cash. There will be no cold storage available for players or close by grocery store. We will provide drinking water. 

Alcohol is allowed to be consumed , but we do not tolerate disorderly contact. Drink responsibly!


There are limited amount of buildings in the area, and if you want to build more permanent fixtures, please contact the prop team as your plans need to be approved by the landowner. You can order building materials through the GMs.

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